American pop singer Lady Gaga, recently posted another picture Twitter. The picture is possibly from the upcoming video of ‘You & I’. The ‘You & I’ video is all set to be debuted on MTV on 18th August at 07:50 pm.


The picture shows two bruised and blooded feet in sky high strappy stripper heels. The pictures might be a good job of make up but actually looks realistic as well as painful.

The bruised feet indicate the singer’s narration of the video where Gaga walks in the heels from New York to Nebraska to get back her man. As it is Gaga’s world, there are no cozy sneakers, cushioned trainers or supportive Rockports.

It just has the regular heels of the singer no matter what kind of journey Gaga is on. The singer, in the video, aims to hurt her feet, while she is on a quest to find her man so that she gets what she wants. Gaga while talking about the video says that she is on a journey to get her boyfriend back with no luggage. The singer added that it is just her and her ankles that are bleeding and some grass that is stuck on her shoes. This is the second picture that the singer has posted of the video.'
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