Lynrd: American pop singer and song writer, Lady Gaga premiered the video of ‘The Edge of Glory’ at the Thursday’s episode of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. The pop singer could not have got a better stage for the premier as the singer is known for her dancing skills too.

lady gaga

Gaga had even treated the studio audience by singing her single ‘Just Dance’. The video of the track starts with a fire escape of a brick building. The singer in the video can be seen in a short blonde and bobbed wig.

Gaga is seen wearing a golden bra along with thigh high fish nets and boots through out her legs. The singer’s attire in the video does not come as a surprise as she has always carried a bizarre look.

The singer is then seen dancing on the steps of the fire escape. The whole feeling of the video seems like it is a tribute to the struggling days of the singer. The video begs to differ from the rest, as it does not have any back ground dancers to flaunt, but just has the singer and saxophonist Clarence Clemons . Clemons can be seen playing while he sits on concrete steps, while Gaga moves her body on the railing.'
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