American singer and song writer Lady Gaga has on November 23 released her mini album ‘A Very Gaga Holiday’. The album has been digitally released by the singer specially for the festive season.

Gaga announced on Twitter that she is very excited to announce of her $3.99 holiday EP ‘A Very Gaga Holiday’, which is now out on iTunes and Amazon. The new album has four live versions of the festive tunes from the singer’s ABC special ‘White Christmas’, ‘You and I’, The Edge OF Glory and ‘Orange Colored Sky’.

Gaga has released just at the time of Thanksgiving and is just right for all the conservative listeners and also the Little Monsters. For a change Gaga has released an album that is traditional in nature and is quite odd for the singer.

The singer added that verse that she is dreaming of a white snowman, with a carrot nose and charcoal eyes. Gaga added that when he cries she is going to tell him its ok as Santa is on his sleigh and is in his way. The singer has always known for her outgoingness and was also many times criticized for her extreme lyrics and videos. But this festive season the singer has decided to do something for the conservative as well as the children.'
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