American singer and song writer Lady Gaga has released the much awaited video for her track ‘Marry The Night’ on December 2, 2011. One has to spare 13 minutes to watch the video which is directed by the singer herself.

The video begins with Gaga in a hospital while she is all bruised up and says that she is going to be a star because ( and after a pause) she has nothing to lose. The ‘Marry The Night’ video has shown the singer at her clumsy best.

The song as Gaga claims is a autobiographical and has shown the singer , what she calls one of the worst days of her life. The singer says in the video that you may say that she has lost everything but she still had her bedazzler.

At the eight minute the video looks like it has taken a more traditional form and this is when the song actually begins to play. By the end of the song, Gaga and the crew are seen performing on dance numbers in the studio, on a city street. For all the curious viewers , the singer has appeared naked in the video, but has been censored. For some the video may be bit disturbing.'
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