American singer Lady Gaga has recently released one of her five fashion films as the official video of her track You & I. The song has been labeled as ‘Haus of U’.

For change the singer appears sans her signature extreme make up. Gaga is the only one ,who appears in the video and is wearing a white dress. In the actual video the white dress is from the scene where she is seen playing a piano in the mid of a cornfield.

While the singer plays the piano, her boyfriend from Nebraska is seen drinking while on top of the instrument. In the video the singer is seen with open flowy hair, while she dances gracefully like a ballerina throughout.

This is the mildest of Gaga that she has ever appeared. This time no extreme make up, wigs or bizarre outfits have been sported by the singer. Surprisingly, the singer has also said good bye to her high heels in the video and is seen wearing transparent flats on her feet. The video has portrayed the natural beauty of the singer and at a point she also shows off her tattoos. Just for a few seconds, the screen turns colorful and shows her colored hair and pink cheeks.'
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