Lynrd: American pop star Lady GaGa, after her new single ‘Judas’ leaked on the internet, has decided to officially release the version  barely four days before it was about to release. GaGa had written and produced the song along with RedOne.


This is not the first time GaGa has worked with RedOne. There were many such collaborations in the past with the popstar. The duo in the past has produced hits like Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game and Bad Romance.

The singer has given the single a religious theme and narrates about being in love with the one she shouldn’t be. The lyrics of the songs goes like , “When he comes to me, I am ready. I will wash his feet with my hair if he needs. Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain. Even after three times, he betrays me.”

Many say that the song seems similar to Bad Romance. The song Judas is a single for GaGa’s album ‘Born This Way’. The title track of the album has for six weeks been in the No.1 position. The video of the single ‘Judas’ is believed to be controversial and will be releasing in the upcoming weeks. Lady GaGa had released her first album in the year 2008, The Fame.'
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