Lynrd: American singer Lady Gaga has found herself in bit of a trouble after she has been sued for the copyright infringement of her popular song, ‘Judas’. Rebecca Francescatti has alleged that Gaga has copied the song that was earlier recorded with her.


Rebecca has claimed that the song ‘Judas’ was recorded earlier in the year 1999 along with her band Rebecca F & the Memes and that the current track has several similarities with the earlier song. Moreover, even the band’s former bass player Brian Gaynor has written the 17 songs for the ‘Born This Way’ album for Gaga.

Gaynor is currently employed with a music company. The former bass player had also admitted that he was open with Rebecca and also worked for Gaga.

The lawyer of Francescatti, Chris Niro has said that his client is seeking proper recognition for her original work. Niro said that the songs might have a different style but the composition and the chorus melody is almost the same and is seeking recognition for her original work that she had created. In the law suit, Rebecca has named Gaga, Universal Music Group, Interscope records, DJ White Shadow and the sound engineer Brian Joseph Gaynor as those, who were involved in creating ‘Judas’. Rebecca is now seeking share of the profits of the track.'
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