Lynrd: American pop singer and song writer Lady GaGa has joined along with international coffee house chain Starbucks. The singer has joined the chain to launch a promotion to target the young customers.


The promotion is a digital one, which will be launched throughout the social networks of Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. The promotion will have certain clues for the participants, which have to be cracked.

The participants will have an opportunity to win various attractive items, which will also include a grand prize of the tickets to Lady GaGa’s concert of the 2012 world tour. The US customers of the Starbucks, will be able to stream the tracks of ‘Born This Way’ and can also download the latest single of the singer so as to celebrate the record release day.

The customers can download her single ‘The Edge of Glory’ and can also watch an exclusive video from the Starbucks Digital Network. GaGa had launched GaGaVille along with Zynga on 17th May. Zynga are the famous makers of the popular game of FarmVille on Facebook. The partnership will allow the players of FarmVille to access the tracks of ‘Born This Way’, on the condition of completing the tasks. GaGa was recently announced as the most powerful celebrity by Forbes.'
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