Lynrd: American pop singer Lady Gaga,will soon be performing at the EuroPride 2011, in Rome. The EuroPride is a major gay pride festival, which will be held in Rome in the upcoming weekend.


According to the Associated Press, the pop singer will be performing at the Circus Maximus on Saturday. The festival night has inspired the singer to perform, as GaGa has an Italian connection. Despite ‘Born this Way’ banned in Lebanon, the singer still continues the way she always does.

‘Born This Way’ has been banned in Lebanon, as the people there believe that the songs convey anti-Christian concepts. After an invitation from the committee, the singer has decided to participate in the EuroPride, after confirming that she has support from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Moreover, ‘Born This Way’ is also expected to claim the top position of the Billboard top 200 chart for the second consecutive week. The chart will be out on 8th June on Wednesday.

Lady GaGa is also expected to visit in India. After failing to visit the Asian country in her earlier tour, the singer has decided to make it this time to India for a bunch of new fans.  GaGa had said that earlier she could not make it due to lack of funds, but this time she is surely going to visit.'
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