American singer Lady Gaga’s studio version of ‘Glitter and Grease’ has leaked on the internet. The track was the only jam that was not released and was performed by the singer on her Monster Ball tour in the year 2010.

The little monsters had then pressurised Gaga to drop the studio version in some form and is now all over the internet. The song has been written by Gaga and her one time boyfriend and former producer Rob Fusari, with whom the singer had an ugly split.

Fusari was threatening to release the unfinished tracks from their works together for some time. Reports say that the song is about Gaga’s constant on and off relationship with Luc Carl. Carl had apparently loved his watermelon green Chevy El Camino more than his girlfriend.

The singer on the track sings about the relationship saying, “He tells that he loves me / And even though I’m real sexy / He loves his car, car, car / He’s always with his car / Car / Car / So I rub that glitter and grease around.” The song has the synth pop and with the influence, it has made Gaga’s song super catchy, sexy and dance worth.'
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