Lady Gaga’s Rawest Interview About “The Fame”, Joanne And More

If you’re even slightly emotional and connected to the art form that Lady Gaga breathed life into with the release of her pop-changing album, The Fame, then this interview is going to blow your mind. Grab some tissues, because not Lady Gaga, but Stefani Germanotta, or as the interviewer says: Lady, sits down and talks so real, so raw – it’s the purest tell-all by any pop star we have seen to date.

Lady Gaga became an international phenomenon in 2008 with her debut album, The Fame. She went on to make a total of four Number One albums, including her current 5th studio album, Joanne. Though she is known for her synth disco pop sounds, this one is the stripping of Gaga and reveals Joanne – Gaga’s birth middle name and the name of her deceased aunt, Joanne, who died of Lupus before Gaga was even born. She wrote the songs herself and performed with a real guitar and keyboards. As she calls herself a “multi-instrumentalist”, you cannot help but gape in awe at the passion she puts into every vocal performance.

The interview begins with Gaga visiting a popular spot in New York where a memorial has been set up for John Lennon. She is immediately surrounded by fans who sing along with her to Lennon’s tracks like Imagine and All You Need Is Love. She then takes the interview over to her family’s Italian restaurant, Joanne where she has a sit-down in a pink dress with pink heels and her now iconic pink hat. That’s where things get very real, as she goes from talking about her performances in dive bars to promote Joanne, her broken engagement to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney and this is where she starts to cry – how fame has changed the way she can be in society. She says she loves people, but she can’t talk to them normally like she wants to, but is really happy that her family has supported her throughout and that she has made her father proud. She is also awaiting her February performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which we know, without a doubt, is going to be the performance of the year.

Finally, Lady Gaga ends by beautifully saying – “Well, if I can’t be free out there, I can be free in here.”

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