The frontman for US metal outfit Lamb of God traveled to the Czech Republic on February 4, 2013 for a court hearing in regards to an incident in 2010, where a fan was allegedly pushed off stage by the singer, resulting in his death a few weeks later. Randy Blythe has always maintained that he did not come in contact with Daniel (the fan) and that security at the concert was not good on the night.

The parents of the fan have demanded USD 530,000 from the singer for their sons loss. Apart from this, if convicted, Blythe will need to face a 5 to 10 year prison sentence. The charges laid against the singer include manslaughter of the 19-year-old fan.

According to media reports, Blythe told the press that he had kept his word and has come back to court and that he did not shy away from responsibility. The singer went on to say that Daniel’s death broke his heart and that he did not want to be punished for anything he did not do.

The last day of the trial is slated for Friday, February 8, 2013. Both sides presented their case on the opening day of the trial. Chris Adler, who is the drummer for Lamb of God and Manager Larry Mazer testified on behalf of the singer, saying that he was a quiet person and is of sound character.'
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