American singer and song writer Lana Del Ray, who is known for her unique style of music, is now all set to release her new album ‘Born To Die’. The singer who has become the most discussed artist of the year 2012 will be releasing her album on January 31, 2012.

The 25 year old, gained attention at a young age since her clip for ‘Video Games’ surfaced on YouTube. The video now has almost 15 million views. The single will be the first single of her album.

Del Ray has a personal relationship with the album as it is based in her past relationship. Del in an interview said that she out the song a few months back online as it was her favorite.

The singer also said that it wasn’t going to be a single but people actually responded to it. Lana also said that she still cries sometimes when she plays that song. Del Ray has been influenced by many of the music majors like Britney Spears, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana and Elvis Presley. The singer loves to experiment with the different genres of music which is prominent from her style. The title track of the album has similar elements like that of the single ‘Video Games’.'
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