Seems like, the American singer and song writer Lana Del Rey has recorded several songs. Yet another song from her infinite vaults has leaked on the internet in the form of ‘Backfire’.

But it can also be said that the new leaked single could be from the upcoming re-release of her album ‘Born To Die’.
This could even be a cut from the album which could not make it to the final track listing. It could even be just a demo track. But at this point enough has been leaked, lost and then found and previously unheard Lana Del Rey tracks which she could issue a double album and still have more tracks left.

Talking about ‘Backfire’ the track is not kitten like as much as ‘Born to Die’. There is slightly less purr and less sultry smokiness and more sweet pop. It completely sounds like what exactly Lana Del Rey sounds like on a soft spinning DJ’s album to sound like.

But the track also shows a different kind of Lana and gives no indication when it was processed or when it is going to be finished. The track could even make it to the paradise edition of the album which is set for a release in the month of November, 2012.'
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