Seems like, the Japanese fans of the American singer Lana Del Rey have to wait a bit longer to see her in concert. The singer cancelled her concert on Tokyo, due earlier this week due to exhaustion.

This is the second time her show in Japan has been pushed back. Del Rey’s management released a statement which read, “It is with great regret Lana will not be performing in Tokyo today, she is suffering from exhaustion and the show had to be cancelled. Lana says, ‘I am really sorry to not have made it over to Japan again, I would love to be there to sing and look forward to performing a show that the fans deserve’.”

The singer even informed her fans on Twitter and wrote, “Wish i could be there with everyone in Tokyo but i am sorry i am sick. Thinking of you and i will come back soon.” Del Rey was supposed to perform in a concert on May 28, which was a rescheduled date from earlier this year.

The singer also postponed a performance in New York to shoot the video for ‘National Anthem’. This will be the fourth single from the successful debut album ‘Born To Die’ of the singer.'
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