American singer and song writer Lana Del Rey has recently revealed that she will be re-releasing her not so famous album, which briefly appeared on iTunes and then disappeared in the year 2008. The record was released by her real name ‘Lizzy Grant’ and was recorded David Kahne, Paul McCartney’s producer.

The New York based singer is now all set to release her first album as ‘Lana Del Rey’ on January 30, 2012. Del Rey while talking about the re-release said that she had signed to an independent label but they could not fund the release of the album.

The singer said that people must be thinking that why she is curious to release a terrible album but reminded that all the 13 tracks of the album are still available on YouTube with millions of views. Del Rey also said that it wasn’t the case that no one has heard of the tracks.

The singer revealed that she will be revealing the album in early summer . Lana also reminded that her song ‘Video Games’ last year appeared on YouTube after it was rejected by almost every recording company for being too melancholy. The song now has more than 22 million views along with Lana landing with a major record deal with Interscope.'
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