Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin are reportedly looking out for a company to stream their music online. The band allegedly wants to stream their catalog online and subscription companies such as Rhapsody, Rdio and Spotify are alleged front runners for the same.

Spotify has been in the good books of many older bands that had previously decided against streaming their music online. One of the most prominent of these was Metallica, who finally gave in and allowed Spotify to play their catalog late in 2012.

There have been other names that have stayed away from the race though, these include names such as Pink Floyd and AC/DC. It was also only in 2007 that Led Zeppelin gave the nod for their music to be streamed on iTunes. It will be a boost to whichever company gets the Led Zeppelin deal, as the band has always had a steady stream of album sales.

The rockers even managed to sell 840,000 albums in 2012, with 111 million units being sold worldwide overall. The bankable act has kept their fans guessing about a reunion and a possible tour for a while now. They had allegedly auditioned singers earlier in the decade and have started making appearances on talk-shows of late.

It remains to be seen what the band has in store for its fans, until then, they can sit back and hopefully stream some of their music soon.

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