Lynrd: Lemonade Mouth is all set to make the world dance to their tunes with the track ‘Determinate’. Lemonade Mouth is a musical Disney drama movie based on the book written by Mark Peter Huges.


So what’s Lemonade Mouth’s Determinate all about? The band come together when five students from high school Naomi Scott, Bridgit Mendler, Blake Mishael, Adam Hicks and Hayley Kayoko meet while cleaning the music room. The five students eventually formed a band and proceeded to perform in front of the school crowd.

The track starts on a slow and mild piano piece with the words, ‘trying hard to fight these tears, Im Crazy worried, Messing with my head, my fear, im so sorry. You know you gotta get out of it. I cant take it. That’s what being friends is about.’

And after that, a fast track begins with a catchy chorus, which is produced by the duo TWIN. Twin has been responsible for recording tracks for artists like Ashley Tisdale, Danni Minogue among others. The exciting part of the track is the special featuring of a rap section by Hicks’ character Wen. Most of the songs in the movie are being contributed by Lemonade Mouth, but their rivals Mudslide Crush too, have done a few songs for the movie.'
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