Lynrd: British singer Leona Lewis, who had won the British version of the X Factor, has released her single ‘Collide’ after two years. Collide will be featured in her third album which is expected to release soon.


The song features some synthetic beats along with some layered vocal harmonies, as well as angelic pre-choruses. In the first half of the song, you can hear some incredible restraint.

Collide has also been an odd choice for labels, producers, managers and handlers to allow the singer to hold back it. Lewis is always known for her songs which has a mesmerizing effect.

The “Bleeding Love” singer has the ability to build up the tension in her songs and also releases it, which may also be considered as a common writing device. Its is a first love song by Lewis in which she sings, ‘I’ll pick you up when you are down. But there when no one is around. I am in tune with how you feel. Everything about it is real. When you are in the familiar places. Count on me through life’s changes.’

The lyrics do not sound poetic or even provocative. In the song, the Crash In to Me part is the most appealing and captivating part. The song is just the one her fans have been waiting for.'
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