Lil Wayne Being A Lil Diva

We are used to the diva attitudes that come from “pop princesses” who demand and then do. However, it seems that this little diva attitude has infected Hip Hop as well.

This genre’s royalty, Lil Wayne seems to have thrown a bitch fit just because the crowd didn’t take well to him being on stage and goading them to act like they were into his music in the first place.

So where did all this go down? He was at Milan Fashion Week, performing at Philipp Plein’s show. During the gig he began to belt out one of his most popular hits, John. During said performance, he encouraged the crowd to “put your hands up”, but only a few obliged. At this, he mouthed: “Are you serious?” and threw down his mic and walked off stage.

After this debacle that was an open snub by Milan’s finest, representatives struggled to come up with an excuse. The most convincing one was that the walking off stage scene was because Wayne’s audio wouldn’t work properly and so he had to make a run for it.

First of all, this is a fashion week. When it comes to Hip Hop’s veteran act, that’s a fail right there. Second of all, the elite attend fashion shows, not young thugs and casual concert-goers. The very fact they still sat in their seats while he performed shows the height of politeness on their part.

Wayne himself posted on his Twitter two emojis that signaled that he is unwell and therefore, unfit to perform. There has been no official statement released by the star and since that day, he hasn’t been showing his face much. This is not the first time that the rapper has misbehaved in public, but at least it’s not the worst.

Check out the video obtained by about the entire (flop) show by CLICKING HERE.

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