American rapper Lil Wayne’s name will soon be added to the list of the rappers, who have performed at the MTV’s Unplugged series. The rapper will be taking over the stage of the concert next month.


The Lil Wayne Unplugged unleashes on June 12th at 9pm and will be telecasted on, MTV, MTV2. The unplugged show means that the performances in the concert will not be having any pre-programmed beats or any samples.

Lil Wayne indeed has the ability to sway the audience with his performance and is said to be the right choice for the unplugged concert. The EVP of MTV’s Music and Talent, Amy Doyle said that there couldn’t have been a better choice than Wayne for the unplugged.

Doyle added that he has the ability to create a lasting impression on his fans. Lil Wayne will definitely be a powerful inclusion among the list of the other artists on the Unplugged stage. Its has been noticed that most of the hits of Wayne have other artists in them and so it is expected that there would be also some guests performers to join the rapper on the stage. The last performer, who had rocked that MTV Unplugged stage was Jay-Z.'
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