Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington On Fans Moving On From ‘Hybrid Theory’

They took a hiatus, and now that they’re back, they’re still creating quite a stir. Linkin Park was the soundtrack to the 2000s with singles such as Numb and In The End among others, becoming their biggest hits till date. In fact, true fans will admit that they still have their music in their playlists. So when Linkin Park 2.0 came about, some diehard fans were a little disappointed. The reason is that though the band was formerly known as a “rock” band, they’ve now started to sound like they’re working on some sort of pop formula. Case in point is their collaborations with artists like rapper Pusha T and Kiiara.

Frontman for Linkin Park, Chester Bennington spoke about the updated version of the band, and also about what he thinks about fans still holding on to their hit album,  Hybrid Theory. Bennington said, “When we made Hybrid Theory, I was the oldest guy in the band and in my early twenties. That’s why I guess I’m like, ‘Why are we still talking about Hybrid Theory?’ It’s f*cking years ago. It’s a great record, we love it. Like, move the f*ck on. You know what I mean?”

Their upcoming album, One More Light will release on May 19. They’ve already put out a couple of singles from the album, including Heavy and Good Goodbye. The former is nothing like it’s title, and features Kiiara. The latter features rapper Pusha T and isn’t like the original Linkin Park that fans are used to. Like any band, they too would want to evolve and try new sounds. But what Chester Bennington has to say about fans still stuck circa 2000 is raw: “We were asked, ‘What do you think of people who say you sold out?’ I don’t care. If you like the music, fantastic. If you don’t like it, that’s your opinion too. Fantastic. If you’re saying we’re doing what we’re doing for a commercial or monetary reason, trying to make success out of some formula…then stab yourself in the face!”

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