Time for A New Track List? Check These Music Albums Releasing On Oct 21

Tired of listening to old songs? Here we have for you a list of music albums releasing this week on October 21st, 2016. You will get to hear sound tracks from some big names like Lady Gaga , Bon Jovi, Leonard Cohen and more. Pick your choice and update your playlist Now!

Lady Gaga

Album: Joanne

Lady Gaga is all set to release her new album ‘Joanne’, named after her late aunt who died at the age of 19 because of lupus in 1974. She has dedicated this song in her aunt’s memory and also believes that everybody has a Joanne in their life, someone they’ve either lost or is a pending loss. The album also features some artistic work from her aunt, her hand-writing and photographs.

Lady gaga- “In this world, we’re all trying to keep up, put a perfect image out of who we are. I’m not sure I’d go into detail about it, but Joanne gave me strength to live the rest of the life she didn’t get to have,”

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Riptide Movement

Album: Ghosts

This Irish rock band is all set for stardom with their new album- ghost. Several months ago, the band went to Texas to record their album and “it was the most isolated place we had ever been,” says Mal Tuohy“. Their new album Ghosts is all set to release on October 21, 2016.You can also get your own album copy from iTunes store and listen to other various songs by the band here. The band plays Olympia Dublin the same night; At Cyprus Avenue, Cork on October 29 th and tour the country through the month of November.

‘Elephant in the room’ by Riptide Movement

Leonard Cohen

 Album: You Want It Darker

 Leonard Cohen, 82-year-old legend returns with his 14th and possibly final album called ‘Want it Darker’ via Sony Records and produced by David’s son, Adam Cohen. The album releases on 21st of  October and has nine new songs, they might be his last compositions. Leonard Cohen bid a tender farewell to his wife Marianne on her deathbed a few months ago, promising her that he was coming right behind. Read our article for more information on Leonard Cohen.

Here’s the album line-up, ‘You Want It Darker’ Track list:

  1. You Want It Darker
  2. Treaty
  3. On the Level
  4. Leaving the Table
  5. If I Didn’t Have Your Love
  6. Traveling Light
  7. It Seemed the Better Way
  8. Steer Your Way
  9. String Reprise/Treaty
You Want It Darker- Official Audio, Check it out!

David Crosby

 Album: Lighthouse

David Crosby, an 74 year-old American singer-songwriter is all set to release his fifth album ‘Lighthouse’.The album is a fusion of jazz. In addition to his solo career, he was a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. David also shares new track ‘Things We Do For Love’ (Exclusive), it is a love song written by him for his wife.

Read our article to find more details on David Crosby .

Here’s a glimpse from his new album ‘Lighthouse’, Take a look!

Jimmy Eat World

Album: Integrity Blues

Jimmy Eat World is an American rock band from Arizona, the band includes a lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Adkins, guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch and drummer Zach Lind. The album looks very promising and these Arizona rockers are all set to rock the billboards with their upcoming release due on 21st of October.

Watch out for these Guys, they are dropping the temperature’s already! Take a look at this Video

Read on for our complete coverage on Jimmy Eat World’s latest album, Integrity Blues and on-going tour dates! 


Album: The Serenity of Suffering

Metal god, KoRn release their 12th studio album, The Serenity of Suffering. The most amazing part here is that they have just put out a fantastical ‘music box’. What does it include exactly? It is a black-and-red striped music box that has The Serenity of Suffering written on it, like you would see from one of those by-gone circuses. It also plays a special, sinister version to one of the tracks of the album, Rotting In Vain. Here’s the official video released by the band on their Official YouTube Channel.

Find out more on KoRn, his upcoming album, track-list and video right here


Album: Dreamless

Crocodiles have always been difficult to be around, picking up fights publicly. The increasing controversies they’ve been a part of could be listed just like their track list. Now with their 6th album, Dreamless, which is a more focused, nuanced record that abandons the unimportant fuzz and earlier records for something better and more generous.

Brandon Welchez says that Telepathic Lover is one of the best songs he’s ever written. Watch this video!

Maximum Penetration was originally titled ‘Don’t Let The Critics Get You Down’, which originated at the Deadly Dragon sound system in Manhattan says Charles Rowell. All other songs have something special to say and this album is definitely something you should watch out for!

Here’s the track-list for ‘Dreamless’

1. Telepathic Lover
2. Maximum Penetration
3. Welcome To Hell
4. I’m Sick
5. Go Now
6. Alita
7. Jumping On Angels
8. Time To Kill
9. Jailbird
10. Not Even In Your Dreams

Add On’s

Beck has delayed the release of his yet-to-be-names album, to a further un-announced date, in November. The album was suppose to release this Friday, will keep you’ll posted on the same.

Meanwhile, he previewed the new album with super poppy – ‘Up All Night’, listen to it right here!

Bon Jovi on the other hand prefers to concentrate on his tour and has shifted his album ‘This House Is Not For Sale’ release to November 4. Stay tuned for more details on his Tour Dates and further announcements. Enjoy a preview from the album until then. This House Is Not For Sale can be pre-ordered right here.

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