You Should Be Listening To This Woman-Fronted Ukraine Band, JINJER

Don’t you just love it when you’re streaming random music and you suddenly come across a sound that stirs your soul? Better yet, you can share this new-found awesomeness with your friends and exchange heated personal views in the group. If that’s your scene, then here’s a recommendation – listen to this metalcore-meets-groove metal band from Ukraine, JINJER.

Started off back in 2012 by a bunch of dudes heavy for the scene, they soon needed a vocalist to front their band. That’s when their friend Tatiana Shmailyuk came into the picture, and it’s never been the same. They were mostly localised, performing in their country of Ukraine, though they really wanted to break out of the scene and take their music beyond borders. After winning a couple of local competitions and meeting with an accident just hours before a performance, they’ve beaten the odds that many bands have faced in their early careers.

They finally got their record deal and their first tour was through Romania and Moldova. Tatiana has in fact been crowned as one of the top 10 best vocalists in Ukraine across all genres. Their sound, musicianship and above all, professionalism and determination has taken them from strength to strength in just a few years. Their will to survive despite personal setbacks – their drummer once fell off the 3rd floor as he fell asleep while smoking, the band was threatened by fascist groups during the Ukraine-Russia civil war, they wouldn’t get visas to tour around around Europe – they even managed to play 25 shows in a single month.

Despite several lineup changes, Tatiana continues to front the band and they seem to have found their place in the metal scene in Europe. In fact, their track I Speak Astronomy was Number 12 on Spotify for the most number of streams in the the metal genre. They’ve successfully managed to go beyond Ukrainian borders and have already infiltrated the minds and hearts of European fans. 2016 saw them playing a show in Tel Aviv, Israel…but that’s just the beginning.

Their latest album King Of Everything was released by Napalm Records.

Current Line-Up

Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals

Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitar

Eugene Abdiukhanov – bass

Vlad Ulasevich – drums

Do check this crazy band out. They’re fresh, fanatical and simply f*cking amazing. That’s JINJER for you!

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