American hip hop group’s Redfoo on December 28, 2011 had to cut short DJ set in Honduras due to fire. After the fire broke out all the fans were struggling to exit as the venue got filled with smoke and it became difficult for the fans to find the exit.

Reports said that Redfoo was almost concluding his performance in Honduras at the Coliseo Nacional de Ingenieros when fire broke out suddenly in the electrical system, which filled the venue with smoke. However no one was seriously injured in the incident.

15 of the fans were treated for smoke inhalation. Some of the local TV reports showed the fans who were escorted from the venue and receiving oxygen.

According to the Honduras authorities, the fire was set intentionally but till now no arrest has been reported in connection to the fire. Shortly after the incident Redfoo took his Twitter account and wrote, “Epic concert tonight!!!! Everybody in Honduras, we set the place on fire!!!! #sorryforpartyrocking.’ Later he also responded to a fan about the fire and said that they were told about the fire when they were on the stage. The front man added that they ahd then went to the dressing rooms and the hall was filled with smoke.'
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