Lynrd: American electro pop group LMFAO’s  member Redfoo has revealed that he would be collaborating with rapper Kanye West on a new project which is not yet disclosed. Both the members of the LMFAO along with Ryan Seacrest had discussed their lives for partying and music.

kanye west

Redfoo had even disclosed about his working with West and that how he had got in to working with the rapper. The LMFAO member had said that West had taken him out Paris for three days, while they were working on something. Redfoo added that the rapper had informed him that he had some experience at a club. The DJ was then playing ‘Champagne Showers’ and added that it was one of the biggest moments for him in the club.

The DJ then said that Kanye is already working on the follow up of ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantacy’. Redfoo also said that Kanye is always secretive but comes out with some interesting things. The ‘Party Rock Anthem’ has become one of the most popular tracks and has shot to No.3. The track has also become one of the popular party anthems like the creators had intended.

Currently, the band is touring with Kesha, while they released their album, ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ this week.'
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