Lynrd: American rapper Lupe Fiasco has released the music video of the track ‘Words I Never Said’. In the song and video, the rapper has given a message of terrorism, war and censorship. The video of the song conveys the message in some sort of aggressive way.

Lupe Fiasco

The song ‘Words I Never said’ is the second single from the album Lasers, which is the latest release of Fiasco. The video begins with some scary faces of men in gas masks who are carrying a woman. Later,  some newspaper headlines appear on the screen, which says ‘Spiritual Leader Abducted at Her Rally on Saturday’. This is when Lupe is seen boarding a bus, where he finds that all the passengers are dressed in rags and the artists Skylar Grey starts with the words, ‘I cant take back the words I never said’. Fiasco then grabs the speaker of the bus and starts rapping.

Meanwhile, the news headlines of the conflicts around the world continue to appear, Fiasco continues to rap about the corrupt bankers, school budgets and Rush Limbaugh. After all the havoc created by him on the bus, the rapper is then taken to the jail. The video concludes as Fiasco rescues the abducted spiritual leader.

Do you think Fiasco succeeded in getting his message across?'
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