Lynrd: The big names of the music industry like Kat Graham, Beyonce, Madonna, Katy Perry, Christine Anguilera and Dev have been brought together by the German mashup producer Marc Johnce. The singers have been brought together for the track ‘I Want All Girls (Who Run the World).


The track has actually originated from Graham and Dev. Their track has correctly fitted in with the other divas in the song. The song begins with Christina Anguilera’s Hex Hector Mac Quayle Remix ‘You Lost Me’, which is then followed by Graham’s ‘I Want It All’.

Then comes the voice of Graham, which is alternated with Beyonce’s track ‘Who Run The World? Girls. Who Run The World’. The amazing mix forms in to an effective chorus.

Later a section of Dev’s ‘Bass Down Low’ is added. Katy Perry’s ‘Pearl’ is also a part of the track. Producer Marc has been recording the mash up since the year 2008. As for now the seamless edit has been released which has increased the curiosity of the fans. The track is a fun track and off course very girly. Earlier, German mash up producer has also mashed Avril Lavigne, Katty Perry and Kelly Clarkson, which features the tracks like ‘What The Hell’, ‘ET’ and ‘My Life Would Suck Without You.'
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