The executives of Fox Entertainment are struggling these days for publicity surrounding their talent competition ‘American Idol’ which is returning for the 12th season. But the network is still doing damage control over the TMZ leaked video of the judge Nicki Minaj who has threatened fellow singer Mariah Carey.

Minaj while talking on The Tonight Show said, “It definitely isn’t a fake feud”. The singer also said, “That I can say for a fact. Yeah, it’s just one of those weird things. You gotta see it to get it. A lot of it starts off with boisterous joking, but we’re passionate, and we’re both crazy … and sometimes, it just goes RRREEWWRRR.”

On the other hand while talking to Barbara Walters, Carey said that Minaj had threatened to shoot her, after which the singer did not have any choice than to get extra security for herself. Carey said, “It felt like an unsafe work environment”. Even at a question and answer session which was live streamed last week the two pop stars could barely talk to each other.

However, Carey said that she does not want to upset anyone with the fued. Keith Urban feels like he is sandwiched between the two on the show.'
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