Marilyn Manson Announces 10th Studio Album + Release Date

Self-proclaimed AntiChrist Superstar, Marilyn Manson is giving all his fans a gift next year – his 10th studio album! In an interview with Alternative Press, the shock rocker was being praised for his last work, The Pale Emperor, when he asked for a marker and went ahead and wrote on his hand with it. SAY10 – that’s the name of his next studio album! He said he loves wordplay, and he’s done well with this one, since this will be his 10th studio album. He was also giving enough to let us know when he’s releasing the album – Valentine’s Day 2017.

Manson received the Icon Award from Alternative Press, which he said looked cooler than any other one he has received, because it’s shaped like a microphone with the face of The Punisher on it. Watch the entire interview by Alternative Press HERE. He spoke at length about his last album, one that topped the charts since it’s release and went on to rank as the 2nd best out of the 20 Best Rock Albums Of 2015. The Pale Emperor is extremely artistic and had hits like Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge and The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles among others. It also reached No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Marilyn Manson is currently on tour with Slipknot. He is known for his outrageous music and his trouble with conservative religion. As he made his way to fame in the 90s for his shocking music, satanic references in his lyrics, goth videos and rampant drug use, he was a topic of controversy, especially after he was targeted with the Columbine attacks. He, however, has seemed to calm down as he has grown older and his last album is testament to his talent and growing maturity as an artist over the decades.

Well, we can’t wait for his next masterpiece that is sure to break custom and be the next rock album of the year.

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