Lynrd: The latest video that has been released for the track ‘Faster’ by American singer and song writer Matt Nathanson has probably imitated the video of ‘Faith’ of George Michael. The video of Faith was released in the year 1987.


Nathanson is known for making videos that catch the attention of the audience. But this time his latest video has unbelievable similarities to George Michael’s video.

To start with, the singer is seen while he plays his acoustic guitar, which is very similar to that in the George’s video. Then the singer is seen wearing a black leather jacket and tight jeans, which is exactly similar to that of Michael’s.
To top it all, Nathanson has even ventured the similar facial hair that Michael used to carry.

Talking about the current track, it suits the summer and so does the video. The video is filled with close up shots of the singer in which his nose ring is also visible. The video also features a lady in a few facial and random shots. Whatever might have been the comparisons, the singer has portrayed his best and so has the video.

On 21st June, the singer released his album Modern Love, after its first single Faster was released in March.'
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