Lynrd: The Justin Bieber look alike, Matty B, has come up with a unique video which surely states that he does have a catch of the current affairs. 8 year old American rapper has released a funny video, which shows how the rest of the damsels in the world are disappointed after the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


The video shows the girls expressing their jealousy over the relationship of Kate with William. The rapper in the song has managed to make the viewers laugh by showing how several dreams of girls came to an end after the wedding.

Matt B insisted that everything he rapped was 100% truth. The rapper apart from the royal rap has also showcased some of his cute dance moves, which cannot be avoided.

Matty B along with the plight of the girls has also given a piece of advice to the boys to keep quiet. The rapper says ‘Don’t even try it, cracking jokes, girls worldwide just trying to cope. See they have this dream but they just lost hope. Save yourself let ‘em mope!’. Prince William has found his soul mate, but for all the disappointed fans, Matty B may soon be available after 10 years or so.'
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