Lynrd: Matthew Morris is an eight year old boy, who is currently looking forward to become the most popular rapper, and has grabbed everyone’s attention already. Due to his music skills the boy is now nick named Matty B, just to suit his profession.


The Justin Bieber look alik  is seen in a video, in which the little boy is seen rapping away to the hit track of the Black Eyed Peas’ Just Can’t Get Enough. The person who watched the video may not believe that it has been actually sung by the small boy.

Matty B has an amazing flow of rapping for his age. The video of the 8 year old has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube and has 200,000 subscribers on his page. The rapper on his page says that he is keen and excited on starting his career in rapping, with the help of his videos on YouTube.

The best thing about the cute boys is that despite his talent, the rapper prefers to keep his originality. Matty B does not rap about women and cars, but keeps himself limited to toy cars and grade school girls. Matty B also has a manager called Blake, who is none other than his dad.'
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