:Meshuggah a Swedish metal band toured India on The Great Indian Rock Festival along with bands like Purified and Enslaved for Norway, Tesseract from the UK also performed at the event.

meshuggah in india

Indian fans were more than exited and the response for Meshuggah was great. Meshuggah started way back in the year 1987 and have never stopped since then, the band was extremely exited to perform in India. Meshuggah’s sound has turned more heavier since their initial albums and the use of 8 string guitars has really helped make their sound heavier.

The tour dates for Meshuggah in India were as follows.

Meshuggah live in Pune, India on the 17th of December
Meshuggah live in Bangalore, India on the 18th of December
Meshuggah live in Delhi, India on the 19th of December

Check out the Video of Meshuggah Live in India playing Rational Gaze

Meshuggah’s Mårten Hagström and Jens Kidman with an Indian Fan in Pune, India.'
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