Metallica to release Reissue project with No Life Til Leather cassette

American Heavy Metal band Metallica is all set to remember their good old days as they are all set to launch the duplication of the 1982 demo tape No Life Til Leather in a limited edition cassette on April 18, 2015.

metallica cassette

Drummer Lars Ulrich said, “Twelve people will be able to play it, but everybody else will be able to hold it in their hands and, uh, have a great time with it”. The band will soon be releasing the cassette on Record Store Day and will also be expanded the CD and Vinyl editions this summer. This will also be the first time the demos will be officially released.

The band shot to fame with the seven track cassette which was released in summer 1982. During that time the group had lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, vocalist guitarist, James hetfield, drummer Ulrich and bassist Ron McGovney. Ulrich informed that the band has reprised the original tapes and has kept the mix intact so as to maintain the innocence and the ignorance of the kids who just came out of puberty.

The artwork has been created from Ulrich’s own copy and will feature drummer’s handwriting. The LP and the CD versions of the cassette will also have the ‘No Life Til Leather Era’. When asked if the band would also include the demos from the time four song ‘Power Metal’, Ulrich said the fans need to have patience and assured that there would be plenty of goodies to be laid around in cardboard boxes.

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