Metallica Will Release Videos For Every Single Off New Album

These legends are just killing it. Metallica is all set to release their 10th studio album, Hardwired……To Self-Destruct come November 18, and already the band has been performing live sets all over the United States to promote their album. In addition to their regular marketing tactics, they released videos through their Official YouTube Channel for three singles off the album, including HardwiredMoth Into Flame and Atlas, Rise! Each of these videos garnered millions of views in just a few hours of release, so you can really tell that fans are eager to have their metal gods back!

Lars Ulrich, founder and drummer for the band, said in an interview about their plan to release videos for all 12 tracks off the album: “We like to stay active on social media. It’s fun to do stuff where it instantly shows up all over the world. You have to accept the way the world is spinning. Now that YouTube is the world’s biggest television station, we figured we may as well knock a video out for every song.”

“The practicality of shooting 12 music videos is kind of crazy, especially when you’re trying to promote your record, and you’re all over the place, and trying to make sure it doesn’t leak. It’s crazy, but at the same time, fun.” After over 40 years in the industry, these badasses are going strong, even harder then their younger contemporaries in the industry.

Meanwhile, frontman and lead guitarist for Metallica, James Hetfield, spoke through the band’s fan magazine, So What! about the lyrics he wrote for the album: “I truly don’t give a f*ck. I really don’t. I’ve embraced the idiocy of the internet, and the freedom to have to say whatever you want all the time.”

“At some point, you get so desensitized to it that it makes no sense. Just do what you love. How can you go wrong? It always goes back to ‘Why are we doing this? Because we love doing it, and we want to write some music that we like to listen to’. Simple as that. If you like the music, then listen with us.”

On the lyrics to Hardwired:

“Hardwired is so simple, it’s not Shakespeare, I know that. But gosh, are humans really doing the right thing? And in the history of time, we’re a little blip. And are we gonna be gone? Are we phasing ourselves out with electronics? Are we becoming this? Are we gonna self-destruct because of our egos and all of the stuff that makes humans human?”

“The whole sentence ‘hardwired to self-destruct’ came from a friend of mine that was just throwing it out there as a struggling addict. Is that what it’s like for us? Is our default just to die? Earlier than we’re supposed to. Wreck. Destroy our lives – are we hardwired to self-destruct? And that just caught my ear.”

On the lyrics to Moth Into Flame:

“Moth Into Flame is pretty literal. These days everyone has an obsession with being famous. Being popular. Whether it’s your Facebook account or walking around the street, watching someone doing selfies of themselves as they’re walking down the street. What are you doing?”

Here is the track list for Metallica’s 10th studio album, Hardwired……To Self-Destruct, out November 18:

Disc One


Atlas, Rise!

Now That We’re Dead

Moth Into Flame

Am I Savage?

Halo On Fire

Disc Two


Dream No More


Here Comes Revenge

Murder One

Spit Out The Bone

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