M.I.A. Drops New Track For Upcoming Album

Politically charged rapper, M.I.A. just released her latest single, POC That Still A Ryda through a 3:21 minute video featuring fast SUVs and horses in the desert. True to her style, she references many current political topics, including Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter.

It’s great news that she has finally dropped a single where she doesn’t feature, but is the main act. Her latest album, sadly though, hasn’t yet got an official release date. It is being estimated that it’s going to be titled MATAHDATAH, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. It seems that the Sri Lankan rapper is facing visa issues for the United States.



Her last album, Bad Girls was released way back in 2012 and since then, she has used her time to to collaborate with a number of artists including Madonna (for her album MDNA), Baauer and G-Dragon (for the single, Temple) among others. It is wide knowledge that she is busy bringing up her son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, who she had with her former partner, Benjamin Bronfman. Her last major live performance was at the 2012 Grammy Awards, just 3 days before she delivered her first child and she had performed heavily pregnant along with Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z.

The lyrics to POC That Still A Ryda  include political references, as mentioned earlier. Some of the lyrics go as:

Breakin’ order like a leader

I’m stayin’ out the radar

Meet me at the border, border

Like Dora The Explorer

Holla, holla, holla

In a Corolla

When I drive in my borough

Cops still see my color

They call me a ruler

On the way to the global future

I’m an Ivy League scholar

I’m here to shed light on the matter

We got that fuel and the venom

Better get ready for a banger

Eat my mum string hopper

Jump in the choppa

Chop up a mango

With my salt and pepper

Yeah, I’m still a rider

Not White like the Oscar

I’m doin’ it,  I’m gonna love

Jesus was not a lot bitter.

Well, we’re still waiting for the announcement of the release date for MATADATAH.

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