Unlike every year, when the rain and the mud becomes a part of the attraction of Glastonbury Festival, this year it could play spoilsport. The headlining act -The Rolling Stones’ front man Sir Mick Jagger admitted that the band was not very excited about performing in the rain.


Talking about the Somerset swamp condition in 2011, the rocker confessed that the idea of playing in a downpour was horrifying for him. During the interview on a BBC website, the veteran singer said that his kids find the weather exciting and fun, but he was not of the same opinion. He even joked about the weather of Glastonbury, saying that it is more famous for the damp and mud than for the quality of music.

The Glastonbury appearance will be the band’s first appearance at a British Pop Festival since 1976 in Knebworth. They will be performing in front of more than 250,000 fans and music lovers. Last year, The Rolling Stones marked their 50 year anniversary in rock and roll and performed triumphantly at London’s O2 arena.

The Rolling Stones will be keeping a check on the weather more anxiously than most until Sunday, so as to make their headlining act a huge success.

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