Miley Cyrus says she’s finally put those twerking days behind her

Miley Cyrus has transitioned once again. Her fans would remember her as a child playing the star in Disney’s hit show, Hannah Montana. The smiling girl became someone totally different after the show ended. People were shocked to see her in the news for all the wrong reasons. She wasn’t exactly being a role model, and parents of young fans were getting upset.

She finally crossed all drawn lines after her performance at the MTV VMAs when she danced against Robin Thicke with a foam finger. But today, she says she’s put that all behind her. “I feel really kind of far away from that person. I just want people to see that this is who I am right now. I’m not saying I’ve never been myself. Who I was on the last record was really who I am. It’s just myself has been a lot of different people because I change a lot.”

“People get told that it’s a bad thing to change. Like, people will say, ‘You’ve changed’. And that’s supposed to be derogatory. But you are supposed to change all the time. I think I’m just figuring out who I am at such a rapid pace that it’s hard for me to keep up with myself.”

Though we all saw Miley as a child star, she was still a little girl growing up and discovering herself. “There’s so much I don’t remember about being a child entertainer because it was so much to keep in my brain. It’s like anything when you are in it. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was under and how that shaped me until, like, this year. People were so shocked by some of the things that I did. it should be more shocking that when I was 11 or 12, I was put in full hair and makeup, a wig, and told what to wear by a group of mostly older men. It’s no wonder that a lot of people lose their way and lose who they really are because they always have people telling them who to be.”

“It became something that was expected of me. I didn’t want to show up to a photo shoot and be the girl who would get my tits out and stick my tongue out. But it got to a point where I did feel sexualized.”

Image Credit: Instagram

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