Its Christmas time everywhere and American boy band Mindless Behavior too have their own way of being a part of the festive season. The band has dropped the video for their track ‘Christmas With My Girl’ on December 14, 2011.

The boys of the band, talked about the making of the video, the way actual snow was brought to Los Angeles. Princeton said that this is their first Christmas song, and they were freezing while they were trying to get in to the true Christmas spirit.

The singer said that they did not go to the snow and the snow instead came to them. The band is usually known for their dance style tracks and the Christmas song will bring a good change in the pace of the band.

Ray Ray while talking about the video said that the video is awesome and does not have any choreography. The boys in the video are just having fun and hanging out. The song is also a remarkable stage for Ray Ray, who has got an opportunity to showoff his rapping skills in the track. The rapper said that this was the first time rapping on a record and that he was extremely excited about it. Princeton added that the track and its video is very different from the other Christmas songs.'
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