Mitch Winehouse to make new Amy Winehouse charity album

Amy Winehouse Charity Album to help raise money.

Mitch Winehouse, father of the English singer-song writer Amy Winehouse, is all set to release a new album to help raise funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. 

The father of the late iconic artist – Amy Winehouse – shall honor his daughter’s memory by releasing some of her unheard songs that she was working on before shed died at the age of 27 in September 2011.

Mitch said that Amy was recording songs for ‘But Beautiful’ –  they had chosen together –  which did not feature in his debut 2011 album.

The ‘Back to Black’ hit-maker died of accidental alcohol poisoning at her Camden home with an inquest confirming the same. Mitch’s new album will hit the music stores on September 29, 2014 and will be released under Amy’s label – Lioness Records.

“This is still the album that Amy helped me make,” said Mitch in a statement. 

The Amy Winehouse Foundation runs several drug and alcohol support and education services that aid addicts to tackle their illness.

Mitch who started the charity shortly after Amy’s death said, “It’s something I can do that connects with Amy’s memory and raises money for what we believe in.”

The 2008 Grammy Awards saw Amy winning 5 awards straight, making her – at that juncture – the only female artist to have five wins in one night. This also distinguished the artist for being the only British female for having won five Grammy’s. 

2012 saw Amy posthumously ranked as No. 26th on VH 1’s list of 100 Greatest Women in Music

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