Montreal Fest Cancelled Due To Protests Against Neo-Nazi Band

Have you heard of the death metal band, Graveland? They’re apparently a Neo-Nazi band from Poland and they were scheduled to perform during the Messe Des Morts music Festival in Montreal, Canada. However, protests apparently erupted against the band, due to their ideology that did not sit well will attendees as well as politically-related bodies that did not want such types performing on their soil.

Graveland’s frontman, Robert Fudali, who is called “Rob Darken” considers himself a National Socialist, which is another, more modern and accepted way of being called a Neo-Nazi. Fans of the band are well aware of these ideologies, and support the band mainly because they believe such ideologies. The band comes under the category of NSBM – national socialist black metal. However, in an interview with Decibel Magazine, Rob Darken refuted the claims, saying: “I do not think Graveland is an NSBM band. Graveland is regarded as a NSBM band because of my political convictions, which most people would call right-wing, National Socialist convictions.” Uh, that is being a Neo-Nazi, Rob Darken. He also said: “When Graveland started playing live, some photos of me and Honor members (Honor being a now defunct band from Poland widely known for their Neo-Nazi movement). They were taken in 2001, and supposed to be some sort of memorabilia only. They have nothing to do with politics, and they are not reflecting my political view, either. Graveland is not an NSBM band and never was!”

Graveland were scheduled to perform on November 26 for the first time in North America, but the entire festival was abruptly cancelled because around thirty protestors gathered at the venue and refused to let the event begin. Graveland never took the stage probably never will, especially in North America where such beliefs are not openly welcomed.

Alexandre Boulerice, one of the protestors, is actually federal MP for the New Democratic Party. According to reports, Boulerice was “concerned that groups with fascist ties, or groups which had expressed ideas in line with white supremacist leanings were present in his riding.”

Boulerice himself said: “I understand that musicians are allowed to play their music, but I believe that citizens who are uncomfortable with movements with ties to the extreme-right are also allowed to express their views.”

The Montreal Gazette had even issued a warning about the performance earlier in the week, saying: “A band with racist and anti-Semitic ideas has no place in Montreal. (The city) must remain a safe place for everyone and where racist people who think they have an opening to express their discriminatory ideas must meet with resistance.”

Organizers for the music festival issued a statement, saying: “For safety reasons, we are forced to cancel tonight’s concert. Know that the Théâtre Plaza’s administration, as well as the Messe Des Mort’s organization have put every effort to find another conclusion. Despite this announcement, we invite you to go back home calmly and to show the same respect you have shown since the festival’s debut. Understand that we cannot give you further details for the moment.”

In the meantime, death metal fanatics can continue to hail Satan, just not Hitler.

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