It was MTV which became a trendsetter so that the music could not just be heard but could also bee seen. On 2nd of August MTV turned 30 years old, which brought music for all the music fanatics 24 hours on Television.


The first video that the channel had aired was the video of Buggles’ ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’. The Music Television was brought to the TV sets by the original VJs for the channel like Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, JJ Jackson and Martha Quinn.

One of the most popular sections on the channel was Kurt Loder’s MTV news updates. Surprisingly, all the popular brands and personalities that are popular today were some way or other associated with the channel in their early days.

Unfortunately, videos on MTV started to fade out. The new generation needed some more inspiration to set a new trend. Then came, ‘The Real World’ where young adults were seen being cramped in a house. The channel was also responsible to kick start the career of Jenny MacCarthy. Slowly and steadily the culture of pop and rapping also changed and brought a whole new world of music for the music crazy people dwelling around the globe.'
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