Mudvayne May Be All Set To Re-Unite

Heavy metal fans around the world probably didn’t expect such good news so early in the year, especially from deceased band, Mudvayne. But thanks to a social media tease post on the group’s official page, they may have a second life after all.

The said post just went as 201? which could literally mean anything, but metal e-magazines and the community at large are taking it to mean that somewhere in the coming years, from this year of 2016 to anywhere in the near future, a much-awaited album is on the horizon.

The Illinois-originating band last released music in 2009, with their eponymous-titled album. Post that, they decided to split and members have moved on to other projects – the most significant one being Chad Gray joining supergroup Hellyeah that includes Vinnie Paul from Pantera and Damageplan.

The band is famous for their extreme videos, uniform-clad members, face paint and extremely dark lyrics. Lead vocalist and primary songwriter, Gray even appeared in Saw II and contributed to the movie’s soundtrack with Forget To Remember.

For now, we just need to wait and watch with bated breath as to whether this was a hacked post or something that we can count on and have our prayers answered for a confirmed release date.

Earlier in 2015, Chad Gray was asked about whether a reunion was possible, to which he replied that it wouldn’t be happening till “everybody licked their wounds and got over it”.

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