Mumford & Sons have had a great run in the music industry ever since their ‘Sigh no more’ album, which spawned worldwide hits. It was inevitable that people would compare them to peers such as Coldplay. However, lead singer of the band Marcus Mumford has come out and said that it was not appealing to be compared to bands like Coldplay.

The singer said that the folk rock band would like to make their own way in the music industry and comparisons to other acts was frustrating. He went on to say that there was no disrespect meant for Coldplay, but his band wanted to play good shows and that they did not want to try and be as big as possible.

Ted Dwane, who is Marcus’ band-mate in Mumford & Sons suggested that it would be good to play at London’s O2 venue, however the singer said that he would not be interested as the size of the show did not matter to him. He went on to say that arena’s are big enough venues for the band, and stadiums were not really something they wanted to play.

Marcus said that he feels homesick while on tour, and even though their better halves understood that their schedule is packed, it was a big deal to leave home and tour.'
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