US-based alternative rock band My Chemical Romance has announced that they are splitting up. The band has made an official statement on their website which says that they are separating after more than a decade of producing hits, as well as four studio albums.


The band, in a message wrote, “Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We’ve gotten to go places we never knew we would. We’ve been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We’ve shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends”. The statement from the band added that it was time for them to put an end to what the were doing together. They also thanked all their fans for their support and for being a part of the band’s adventure.

The lead vocalist of the band Gerard Way, had earlier had denounced the band’s image as being an Emo band. Way said that it has never been accurate to describe My Chemical Romance as an Emo band, as they were booked while touring with Christian metal bands as well.

The band was formed in the year 2001 and consisted of Gerard Way, the lead vocalist, lead guitarist Ray Toro,Frank Lero and bassist Mikey Way.'
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