Merlin, a UK-based music agency that represents independent record labels, has accused Myspace of using their music without consent, by lodging an official complaint. Their agreement bound to the old Myspace contract had expired a year ago.

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Myspace, in order to revamp their site, is trying to bring together musicians and fans on a common platform. In order to do this, they have violated certain copyright rules and have not paid the required remuneration to the original artists that are associated with Merlin, according to reports.

However, a spokesperson from Myspace said it was not their company, but individual users who uploaded the controversial music videos. If requested, the music website said that they would remove the questionable content from appearing. This explanation did not go down well with the CEO of Merlin and according to him ignorance cannot be the justification. The music website will now have to bear the consequences of their actions.

The new Myspace has kept music and newer artists in its focus to gain more popularity among the younger crowd. It includes features which allow fans or musicians to share music and albums. Users can associate songs with their profile and can do much more than the previous version of the site.

In the autumn of 2012, the site was released in the form of a ‘limited beta’ version and last week it was released in the form of an ‘open beta’ version. This release co-incided with the release of  Justin Timberlake’s new single ‘Suit and Tie’. The star is currently backing the restructure and reformation of what was once the world’s foremost social networking website.'
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