Birmingham-based metal band Napalm Death’s performance in a London museum has been cancelled due to fears that the deafening noise would cause cracks in the museum and that it will crumble. The metal band was due to perform on March 22, 2013, after it teamed up with a ceramic artist who created a sound system which was designed to disintegrate during the concert. The London museum had called off the event which was free.


The event was cancelled after a safety check had highlighted the risk that the gallery itself could deteriorate. There were also chances that visitors could also be injured during the concert. According to the museum, “This was due to take place in the Europe Galleries, which are currently being refurbished and a further safety inspection has revealed concerns that the high level of decibels generated by the concert would damage the historic fabric of the building.”

The statement added that V&A is excited to take part in an exciting programme of exhibitions, but the safety of the visitors will always remain their top priority. Mark Greenway, who is the singer of the band said that it was interesting how sound could be used as a weapon to disintegrate structures.'
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