Lynrd: American actress and singer Naya Rivera, who has recently signed in with Columbia records, is all set to release her debut album. The singer has said that she is all set with a full album and has just a few songs to tap in to.


Rivera in an interview said that she is well aware on what she sounds good on and that she is also aware of what she likes to write. The ‘Glee’ star added that she has been writing or several years and that she has got a catalogue of songs collected over the years.

The singer is just waiting for the best opportunity to get the right producers and other writers to develop the sound that suites her. The ‘GleeLive! In Concert’ tour will be concluding this month, after which the singer will start recording the songs.

Rivera said that after the tour concludes her main focus will be her album. The singer added that she won’t be having anything else to work on after the tour ends. Rivera revealed that on 4th of July the singer will be returning home, after which she would sit for the whole month to plan the details and the creative process of the album. The singer is yet to reveal a release date.'
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