Niall Horan Drops New ‘Slow Hands’ Single; The Internet Goes Crazy

Another One Direction member is giving fans to jam to his latest single this weekend. Niall Horan dropped a brand new single, Slow Hands and the internet is loving it. The funk pop ballad has a great tune to it. In an interview with a radio station, the singer explained the meaning behind the song. He said of Slow Hands, “I wanted to be a bit cheeky with the lyric. The first line of the song is, ‘We should take this back to my place’, and usually that’s what a guy would say, but we flipped it that that’s what the girl said. And that’s what she said, right to my face!”

He also spoke about the inspiration behind his upcoming album. The first single, This Town was welcomed well by fans. Niall Horan says, “I wrote this one, probably in February. And I would listen to a bunch of ’70s, early ’80s – people like Don Henley and stuff like that – and when he went solo in the ’80s, he just had this funky kind of feel to a heavy bass, heavy guitar. I just thought, ‘Let’s give this a crack’. And then, it just happened within a few hours. It was brilliant.”

Individual members of the former British pop group, One Direction, are doing pretty well for themselves.

After Zayn Malik walked out of the band, he went on to build a solid pop career, already collaborating with Taylor Swift and MIA. Not to mention that he’s dating one of the biggest supermodels of our generation.

Liam Payne has a fantastic personal life going on for him. From winking at a judge on X Factor to now becoming her baby daddy, he’s right when he calls himself “the luckiest alive”.

Harry Styles seems to have put his ladies man ways aside, and is now concentrating on his own pop career. He recently released Sign Of The Times that did pretty well on the charts.

And of course, Louis Tomlinson has the backing of the likes of Steve Aoki, who accompanied him for his first public performance after the death of his mother.

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